Lou Kist - The Meat behind the Beat

I started playing drums at the age of 7 when my parents decided to get me and sibling’s two toy kiss guitars and an animal drum set for Christmas.
Needless to say my brothers were not into playing the guitars or the drums so I beat on those drums for about 6 months until the paper skins broke.
I play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and sing; the only ones that I've had professional training on is vocals and keyboard.
I wrote my first album at age 14 and went on to play that album with my first stage band Deceptor when I was 18 years old.
I have produced and wrote for three bands in the past most of which were heavy metal.
I get great joy out of writing my own material be it metal, hard Rock, or soft rock.
When I'm in a band or start my own project I usually keep them around for many years so I really haven't been in many projects.
My drumming influences are Alex Van Halen, Scott Travis, Charlie Benante, Dave Lombardo, and of course Dave Grohl.
I love to play live and I put everything into my shows.
Someday I would really love to be a singer of my own band, but for now, drumming it is.